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Tai Pan International


We offer incorporation and structuring services to  professional advisors & intermediaries.  

We are able to offer attractive pricing for multiple instructions to professional advisor or intermediary (e.g. lawyer, accountant, business consultant, or corporate service provider etc.). We prefer to build long-term associations, and can work as your ‘back office’ with all client contact and correspondence being via yourselves. Alternatively, we can take on your client directly and pay you an agreed commission.

We offer ‘no obligation’ consultations to our professional associates.


Structuring advice

We give impartial advice both on structuring and on the best choice from a large number of jurisdictions so as to best suit your client’s needs.  Where a particular jurisdiction is indicated that we don’t currently offer, we will use our contacts to be able to offer that jurisdiction.

General & specific advice on banking matters

General and specific advice on banking matters is available, ensuring the most appropriate choice for your clients given their circumstances. One of our associate companies is an authorised agent for a number of banks.


Accounting services

Jurisdictions such as Cyprus, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Singapore require book-keeping, accounting records to be maintained. In some cases an audit is also required. We offer the following:

Professional director & nominee shareholder services

In certain jurisdictions e.g. Cyprus (resident company) and Singapore, it is necessary to appoint a local director. In other jurisdictions, clients may not wish to be shown as director. In both cases we are able to introduce professional directors. This service includes (subject to risk assessment):

Management services

We are able to offer complete management of the company.

Company re-domiciliation services

There can be circumstances where you or your client may need to transfer company to another jurisdiction. This could be either of tax changes or changes in regulations, or simply costs. We can arrange re-domiciliation to and from a large number of jurisdictions. Within this service we offer:

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