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Last update: 29 December  2018


How to qualify:-

In order to qualify for a Golden Visa, one of the following requirements needs to be met:-

Any other reason why to consider Portuguese residency?

Portugal is a relatively inexpensive place to live – see the chart below (based on Mercer’s cost of living 2014), with Hong Kong being one of the most expensive cities at number 3 – Lisbon is placed at number 91, well below Sydney, London and New York.

Portugal has a stable legal system. There is a constitutional separation of powers. Portugal is a member of European Union, UN, NATO, OECD, IMF.

The country enjoys a good standard of living and good climate, stunning beaches, relaxed life style, good food, very attractive golf courses.

Portugal has good healthcare system and has been ranked as number 12 in the World Health Organisation listings. For comparison, the UK ranks at 18, the USA, Canada and Australia all are listed at number 30 or below.

Education.  Cities in Portugal (e.g. Lisbon, Porto) provide a very wide range of international schools offering bilingual curriculum. Portugal also boasts of excellent and well regarded universities and business schools.   

Friendly taxation regime.  As a Golden Visa holder you would become a tax resident of Portugal.  This will mean that income from interest, dividends, capital gains and income from property and pensions are all exempt from Portuguese tax provided that certain conditions are met.  Foreign active income may also be exempt from tax (again, subject to some conditions being met). We can help you make this happen by careful re-structuring of your financial affairs. Please note, to take advantage of this the Portuguese authorities do require evidence that you have not been tax resident in Portugal in the preceding 3 years. This is usually achieved by the provision of tax returns from your current country of residence. Please contact us for more advice on this.

The “Golden Visa” – residency by investment

Portugal offers an investor a visa scheme known as “Golden Visa” and provides for a residence permit leading to a second citizenship.  

Some core incentives: -