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Last update: 29 December  2018

What is the Cyprus Non-Dom scheme for EEA Nationals?


In essence, the scheme offers the possibility to obtain legal residence in Cyprus whilst being exempted from any tax liability on certain types of income. This scheme is applicable to EEA (EU + some others + Swiss) nationals only.  For non-EU Nationals different criteria applies, click here.

Why Cyprus offers this type of scheme?

Simply, the Government of Cyprus wanted to attract inward investment into the country following the financial crisis of 2013, and realised that the best way of doing so was by reducing or eliminating certain taxes on some types of income.  

How does Cyprus Non-Dom scheme work?

Tax residents of Cyprus pay income tax on a graduated scale on earned income (whether employed or self employed).  Essentially these income taxes remain unchanged.  

However, in July 2015, and those accepted as non-domiciled, were exempted from paying tax on certain other classes of income, notably dividends & interest.  These types of income are taxed under a schedule known as SDC (Special Defence Contribution).  

In effect, certain classes of income (notably interest & dividends) are totally tax-free.

What does non-domiciled mean?

From July 2015, the definition of a ‘non-domiciled’ was defined as anyone who had not been a tax-resident of Cyprus for more than 17 of the last 20 years.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes.  This scheme mitigates the effects of CRS (Common reporting standard) that requires an increasing number of countries to report the balances held in both personal accounts and corporate accounts.  

By changing tax residence to Cyprus (and notifying banks & other financial institutions as soon as possible), the reports will be sent to the Cyprus authorities rather than the country of former residence.  

Do I need to live in Cyprus all the year round?

No, although you are welcome to should you wish.  

As far as the Cyprus authorities are concerned, it is enough that you are a Tax Resident individual.  

Caution:  Tax authorities in most countries will deem an individual to be tax resident if he resides there for more than 183 days in any fiscal year (1 Jan - 31 December in most cases).   It is therefore important not to reside in any other single country for more than 6 months in any year.  It is also important to create as much evidence as possible of your Cyprus residency (e.g. Accommodation, bank Statements, mobile ‘phone etc. in your name) whilst minimising your “footprint” in any other country where you spend time.

Do I need to rent or buy a flat/house in Cyprus?

In practical terms, yes you will need a ‘permanent ‘address in Cyprus.  

There are no restrictions as to where you may buy (or rent) and costs are generally low...

Rental costs

Taking Larnaca as an example, flats are available to rent from around €350 per month, and houses from €500.

Purchase prices

There are quite reasonable.  Again taking Larnaca as an example, houses are available from €200,000 and flats from €125,000.

Why Larnaca?

Larnaca is the main International Airport and is therefore more convenient - Paphos,  the other airport, is mostly seasonal holiday flights.  Property prices tend to be lower than Limassol , Paphos or Nicosia (the other  main population centres).  There are motorways connecting Larnaca with both Nicosia and Limassol.  Larnaca has a wide range of shopping, tourist activities, beaches and nightlife, both in the town and adjoining areas.

What services do we offer?

In summary, everything you will need!

As each element of the non-dom residency has certain requirements that must be undertaken in sequential order, we are pleased to be able to offer a complete package.  This consists of the following elements carried out in the order given:

Advice on the way to structure your residency.

Acquisition of a suitable property/address

Opening of a personal bank account

Obtaining a contract mobile connection (with data or basic as preferred).

Application for a Social Insurance Number if required (if employed/self employed within Cyprus)

Application for Cyprus residency

Application for a Cyprus Tax number (TIN)

Application for non-domiciled status.

What does it all cost?

Our inclusive fee (including our lawyer’s costs) is       €4,750

In addition,

Property rentals normally require 3 months’ rent ‘on signature’, with a one-year minimum contract.

Property purchase costs including the various government fees are usually around 10% of the purchase price depending on both price, and whether the property is in a single name or joint names.

If you need to establish a company (from which to pay dividends), we can assist with you this.

We can also assist you with finding an appropriate property and help you manage it if you so require.

For further information, please use our contact form to outline your requirements and ask any questions.


Flamingoes on Larnaca Salt Lake Phinikoudes seafront in Larnaca