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Advisory & Consultancy Services

If you wish to:

  • Register a Hong Kong or Singapore company.
  • Set up a virtual office with the option of a local phone number, and meeting rooms.
  • Open a bank account, or neobank/e-wallet account.
  • Start trading and saving tax.

We also assist with:

  • Practical advice on taxation & residency.
  • Solutions that offer you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world – become a digital nomad.
  • General advice on how to minimise your taxes.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services.
  • Advice on companies in a range of jurisdictions.
  • Website design – banks and e-wallets expect to see that applicants have a functioning website.
  • Content writing for your website. Professionally written text based on your idea.

about our tai-pan

The Story Behind Tai-Pan

What is Tai-Pan

Historically, Tai-Pan is a ‘Big Shot’ or ‘Supreme Leader’ in Cantonese, referring to the British trading houses created in Hong Kong following the Treaty of Nanking signed in 1842. A fictional version of the establishment of the great trading houses is given in James Clavell’s novel ‘Tai-Pan’ published in 1966.

Our Tai-Pan

We formed Tai-Pan in 2013 to offer the possibility to modern entrepreneurs to create their own ‘trading houses’ in Hong Kong. Our company has obtained a Corporate Service Provider licence and successfully forms companies in Hong Kong, Singapore and many other international offshore jurisdictions.

What to expect from us

We will guide you through the process to ensure you have a fully functioning Hong Kong company and help you set up a suitable bank account or e-wallet together with other ancillary services.

Images of old Hong Kong

our business services

Company formation & related services

We offer company formation and a bank/e-wallet account opening assistance and a whole range of other services to help your business get started and support it throughout the year.


Bespoke Advisory Services

Our Bespoke Advisory Services are designed for entrepreneurs who want to establish their business in a low-tax jurisdiction but don’t have the knowledge to do it by themselves. We offer the widest range of solutions for offshore company formation as well as bespoke consultancy services. With us, you will receive personalised service at:

We will be happy to advise you on which jurisdiction is suitable and how you can structure your company. together with a range of other ancillary services to get your company up and running at no time.

#e-Wallet-Bank-AccountRead our Company Formation section to learn which jurisdictions we offer. Likewise, please look at e-Wallet & Bank Account services to understand how we can help with business account opening.

Bespoke Advisory Services

Company Incorporation

Hong Kong & Singapore company registration and beyond

Nearly any business is suitable to be run by an offshore company. So, if you have an online consultancy or international e-commerce business, you are in the right category, but of course, this list is not at all exhaustive.

We incorporate companies in low tax countries such as Hong KongSingapore, Malaysia, and Dubai.  We also offer USA Wyoming LLC, and typical IBCs* such as Seychelles. We offer company incorporation services worldwide through and also

In which country should you set up your business? Here are some tips:

Both Hong Kong & Singapore are known to be business friendly jurisdictions. They offer relatively low rates of tax,

  • Singapore 8.5 to 17% and
  • Hong Kong 8.25 to 16.5% with possibility of 0 tax on non-HK income.
  • Fast formation 2-3 days is the feature of Hong Kong and Singapore.

Once you’ve decided on your company, you will need to think about banking (e-wallets, neobank) together with various other ancillary services, including website, virtual office, accounting, and bookkeeping.

business banking

e-Wallet & Bank Account opening assistance services

What are your banking choices? Neobank/e-wallet/digital bank or traditional bank account.

Nearly all companies need banking facilities, but it is increasingly difficult to open accounts with mainstream traditional banks. We, therefore, recommend for most clients that an account with an e-wallet (aka digital wallet/neobank) is the fastest and the easiest way to get up and running with your new company.

We offer three e-wallet assistance packages:

  1.  Starter. This package will provide you with information on the e-wallets for Hong Kong or Singapore companies.
  2. Professional package, which is in addition to the Starter Package, offers you Our recommendation as to the best choice.
  3. Premium packages includes Starter + Professional, plus our help with the application process. We will highlight any problems that might arise.
e-Wallet & Bank Account Opening
Web-design with optional content writing

Ancillary services

Web-design with optional content writing

E-wallets and banks now expect to see that applicants have a functioning website. When you order your company from Tai-Pan we can offer as an add-on service:

Website design tips and guidelines as to what you will need for a functioning website, particularly aimed to satisfy the requirements of e-wallets and banks.

Website design package. We can put together a complete package to get your (5-pages) website up and running. This will include the structure of the website and content writing, if requested. Hosting services are not included.

Content writing for your website. Professionally written text based on your guidelines. If you are not confident in writing your website text, we can offer a professional content writer, again at a fixed fee based on the number of words.

Company structure

Corporate Tax Planning

Financial decisions should not solely be based on tax considerations but rather on the overall business/investment decision.

Many people want to run a business but also not to be bound to a traditional office. We can advise on how to achieve this whilst paying minimum possible tax. (see our Digital Nomad section below).


location location location

Company re-domiciliation

Sometimes a company may need to re-domicile but maintain its existing contracts and relationships. Such a company could re-domicile (change its place of registration to another country). You will be able to find out more from our re-domiciliation guide.

business & personal

Personal tax planning digital nomad residency & office

second residence

Are you a digital nomad or wish to reduce your personal tax burden? If so, you should obtain a second residency in a zero or low tax country.

virtual office

Many people want to run a business but also not to be bound to a traditional office. We can advise on how to achieve this whilst paying the minimum possible tax.

As part of our service, we offer various virtual office solutions to enable you to work remotely. These services can include simple mail forwarding through to almost a ‘virtual assistant service.

First, what do we mean by ‘offshore company’? One meaning is any country other than your own. The more common interpretation is a country with low or even zero corporate taxes. It is this latter definition that we are concerned with on this site.

The fact that you have landed on this website indicates that you are paying too much tax and are looking for ways to reduce it.


We provide a range of consultancy services to help you select the best jurisdiction, best banking facilities, and lowest taxes. We can advise on VAT (aka GST), particularly if you are planning to trade within the EU/EEA. We can also advise on personal residency, where appropriate.  

We have series of free business articles available to our readers in the CoffeeHouse Articles section. We concentrate on the matters of residency, international company registration, and international banking. You will also find information about zero tax jurisdictions, low tax jurisdictions and helpful topics about offshore company formation.

Looking for an answer or just trying to find extra knowledge on a business subject? Visit our Business Knowledge Base.