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  • Solutions that offer the freedom to work from anywhere in the world – become a digital nomad.
  • A practical approach to clients’ requirements.
  • Bureaucracy-free corporate entities.
  • General advice on how to minimise tax.

In which country should you set up your business? What are your banking choices?


We offer company incorporation services worldwide.

How to pay the minimum corporate tax possible (legally)? You will need a suitable company structured in the right location.




Are you a digital nomad or simply wish to reduce your personal tax burden? If so, you should obtain a second residency in a zero or low tax country.




First, what do we mean by ‘offshore company’? One meaning is any country other than your own. The more common interpretation is a country with low or even zero corporate taxes. It is this latter definition that we are concerned with on this site.


The fact that you have landed on this website indicates that you are paying too much tax and are looking for ways to reduce it.


We provide a range of consultancy services to help you select the best jurisdiction, best banking facilities, and lowest taxes. We can advise on VAT (aka GST), particularly if you are planning to trade within the EU/EEA. We can also advise on personal residency, where appropriate.  

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What is 17 + 4?

Which jurisdiction?

We offer advice on a wide range of jurisdictions worldwide and can incorporate companies in low tax countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, through to typical IBCs (International Business Companies).

Tax hints

Don’t let the tax tail wag the dog.


In other words financial decisions should not solely be based on tax considerations but rather on the overall business/investment decision.

Company re-domiciliation

Sometimes a company may need to re-domicile but maintain its existing contracts and relationships. Such a company could re-domicile (change its place of registration to anther country).


Find out more from our re-domiciliation guide for more information.

Business set up guides

We have series of business guides available to our newsletter subscribers.

Laptop Lifestyle

Many people want to run a business but also not to be bound to a traditional office.


We can advise on how to achieve this whilst paying minimum possible tax.