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Start a company in Dubai with our Expert Advice.

We have been successfully forming companies for our clients in the UAE since 2014.

We will guide you through the process to ensure you have a fully functioning Dubai Free Zone company.

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COMPANY FORMATION Why choose Dubai to set up a business?

Dubai Free Zone company is suitable for all forms of trading business from consulting services, to export/import, manufactoring and more.


The two most common reasons why we recommend Dubai are: territorial taxation & ease of obtainig investor residency Visa.


There is no taxation in the entire UAE, and therefore a Dubai Free Zone Company can operate tax-free globally.  There is also no personal taxation. 


There is a VAT at 5%, but it only applies if your Dubai company invoices other Free Zone companies in the UAE. An annual audit is required.


One of the attractions of Dubai is its residency scheme for IFZA Dubai companies.  You can move to Dubai and obtain a tax-free residency there for you, your family and your employees.


The process is fast and straightforward, and the visas are usually granted for 3 years at a time

Dubai Company Formation

Short history What is Dubai & where is it located?

  • Dubai is one of the seven Emirates making up the UAE (United Arab Emirates).
  • The UAE was formed in 1971 at which point the then Trucial States ceased to exist. The Trucial States resulted from the General Maritime Treaty signed between Britain and the rulers of the various coastal emirates in 1820. Prior to that the area was known as the Pirate Coast.

  • UAE is located in the Persian Gulf boadering Oman and Saudi Arabia and with maritime boarder with Iran. Dubai is located in the northern part of the UAE. It is the second biggest Emirate and is the largest City.

Why choose Dubai Free Zone to set up your business?

Dubai is one of the UAE Emirates, and is known for its world-class infrastructure and tax-free environment. Your Free Zone company will not limited to Dubai Emirate and is free to run your business from any other Emirates if you so wish.

4 types of Licence available for a Dubai company

No local director or shareholder required

Easy to obtain Dubai residency


corporate &

personal tax

No visit required
to form the company

knowlegebase Dubai business opportunities

IFZA Dubai is a relatively new business centre attracting investors from all over the world with its quick formation (2 days), affordable prices and ease of doing business.  The zone offers a good range of licences and allows foreign companies to register a branch at IFZA Dubai.  The Licences are suitable for both large business ventures as well as small companies and start-ups.

Modetn City Luxury Center Dubai United Arab Emirates

The main key features of the Dubai Free Zone


  • There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of a Free Zone company.
  • Professional, Commercial and Industrial activities can be combined under one IFZA License.
  • Transparent and competitive pricing.
  • The company incorporation process is fast and efficient
  • The incorporation process is carried out remotely, and no physical office is required
  • No paid-up share capital requirement.
  • 3 year UAE residency Visa for the shareholders, their family and employees.
  • Dubai residency Visa holders can open a local bank account for their company.

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What do we offer?

Where & how?

We advise clients as to where and how management & control should be structured.


Tax hints

Don’t let the tax tail wag the dog.


In other words financial decisions should not solely be based on tax considerations but rather on the overall business/investment decision.

Company re-domiciliation

Sometimes a company may need to re-domicile but maintain its existing contracts and relationships. Such a company could re-domicile (change its place of registration to anther country).


Find out more from our re-domiciliation guide for more information.

Business set up guides

We have series of business guides avalable to our newsletter subscribers. 

Laptop Lifestyle

Many people want to both run a business but also not to be bound to a traditional office. We can advise on how to achive this.