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COMPANY FORMATION Why choose Hong Kong to set up a business?

Hong Kong is suitable for all forms of trading business from online tutorials, affiliate marketeer, software developers, consulting services, plus, of course, straightforward trading.


The two most common reasons why we recommend Hong Kong are: territorial taxation & ease of doing business.


Hong Kong offers tax rates as low as zero.  Taxes are ONLY payable on Hong Kong-source income at a maximum tax rate of 16.5%.


Income earned OUTSIDE Hong Kong is completely free of tax.


There is also no capital gains tax, no withholding tax, no sales taxes, no VAT, no annual net worth taxes, and no accumulated earnings taxes on companies that retain earnings rather than distribute them.


We have formed many Hong Kong companies, and we can honestly say that the formation process is straightforward and fast, without restrictions for foreign ownership.


Your company will be ready in a few days.

Hong Kong also has a very good infrastructure in terms of professional services, e.g. lawyers, accountants. There are also very few restrictions covering what a Hong Kong company can do.

Hong Kong

Short history What is Hong Kong & where is it located

  • Hong Kong is located in the South China Sea 100 miles (160km) south-east of Canton. It’s name, from Cantonese, means fragrant harbour.
  • A British colony between 1842 and 1997, Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of China on 1st July 1997.
  • Hong Kong is administratively separate from the Chinese tax & company system, and is an excellent business hub.

Why is Hong Kong a successful business centre?

Hong Kong is a sucessful business centre because it is easy to establish a company. It places no restrictions on a nationality of directors or shareholders and no visit is required to Hong Kong to establish your company.

5 Best Uses for a Hong Kong Company

Local director not required



Minimum formalities to
set up the company

0 to 16.5%
tax rate

No visit required
to Hong Kong

knowlegebase Hong Kong Tax System

Under the guiding principle of “one country, two systems” established before the handover, the Chinese Government agreed that Hong Kong’s capitalist system would remain unchanged until 2047. Within this, the legal system remains English Common Law.


Income from outside Hong Kong is generally NOT taxable. This means that Hong Kong is TAX FREE for international trading. For example, if you are buying manufactured goods in Malaysia and selling them to Canada, your Hong Kong company will not be subject to any tax in Hong Kong.

However, for business carried out in Hong Kong, corporate tax is at the rate of 8.25% for profits up to HK$ 2 million (c. US$ 250K), rising to a maximum tax rate of 16.5 % tax rate.


Hong Kong company does need to prepare accounts.

Hong Kong company formations 2015 - 2020. Source HK Companies Registry

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Tax hints

Don’t let the tax tail wag the dog.


In other words financial decisions should not solely be based on tax considerations but rather on the overall business/investment decision.

Company re-domiciliation

Sometimes a company may need to re-domicile but maintain its existing contracts and relationships. Such a company could re-domicile (change its place of registration to anther country).


Find out more from our re-domiciliation guide for more information.

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Many people want to both run a business but also not to be bound to a traditional office. We can advise on how to achive this.